The Little Toe and Frankie Show

LIsten every Wednesday night at 8pm via facebook Live or on WAME 92.9fm or 550am

The Little Toe and Frankie Show is a Listener Supported Program that focuses on showcasing Regional Musicians.

Little Toe and Frankie started out in Frankie’s shed drinking a few cold ones and listening to all kinds of different music. We thought we should take our shed antics to the local radio station WAME 92.9 in Statesville and see if they would let us do what we do on air, and we were taken by surprise when they said yes??? We play all genres of music Classic Outlaw Country, Americana, Folk, Bluegrass, Southern Rock, etc. if we like it we play it.

Our area is home to a large population of gifted musicians and we hope to use our show to give regional musicians an avenue to get their music out to the listening public. We hope this will make Statesville an even better place to live, work, and play!


If you would like Little toe and Frankie to emcee your event please email us at

THANK YOU to our show Sponsors, we couldn’t do it without you! Folks, please check out these great Statesville based businesses and the services they provide to the community!